Carols Care Assisted Living - Carol's Care Assisted Living-Springdale, MD 20774

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Carol's Care Assisted Living @ 4015 91st St is not the assisted living facility you want to place trust in. I took a tour and was NOT impressed.

They have approximately 4 or 5 residents that "Carol" and 1 other staff member takes care of. It's a private home; looks good inside and out. Her assistant worker is not a medical professional, meaning no training. Carol Tate is the owner and has no formal medical training. In fact, there has been numerous problems listed at that facility. She tends to go to court a lot, and that could be a red flag for you to simply pass this facility by.

For such a small home she charges a lot. Her range is over $150 per day. Residents are medicaid recipients, so they go to adult day care, leaving Carol Tate to simply take care of residents in the late afternoon to evenings and on weekends.

That's a steep fee to charge when you hardly take care of the people - again, they attend day care. What turned me off what her 'entitled' attitude. I mean, she's not a nurse trying to do good - she's after money.

Wasn't impressed!

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That is not true. Carol Tate is a retired geriatric nurse.

Carols Care Assisted Living - Do Not Use Carol's Care Assisted Living in MD

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Carol's Care Assisted Living, located at 4015 91st Street in Upper Marlboro MD 20774 (they also call this Springfield or Springdale area) is not a credible place for care.

Owner, Carol Tate, does not have any medical experience (Yes I asked) and the part-time help she has working there are not medically inclined.

People are turning their homes into assisted living communes without any real experience, just to turn a buck. The place is clean but the owner, "Carol Tate" is more interested in how much money she can garner. They charge about $100-$125 per day. My advice is to keep looking.

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There must be some laws governing the operation of these types of facilities. Do some checking and find out where to report. Suggest that they do an unannounced inspection to check the operators credentials.

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